Camper Newsletter

Dear Campers,

We hope you all had a great holiday season and New Year! We have been very busy here in the office and at camp as our offseason projects continue to take shape.

As you may have already heard, this winter we are building a brand new STEM room at the Arts and Activities Center. The STEM room will feature an epic Lego wall, a long magnetic wall, robotics area, and many different challenges and projects. There is also lots of work being done on other rooms as well. The area that was once the music room is being converted into more space for Arts & Crafts. Crafts will be getting new equipment, double the storage space, and an expanded wood working area. Pam has been working very hard to come up with some new ideas for this area. After that the music room will be moved to a new spot of its own in the building. We have purchased brand new equipment including electric guitars, keyboards, 2 new drum sets and more! Spinning will also be getting its own room instead of having to split time in the dance studio. This will allow us to schedule both dance and spin more often and at the same time. The new spin room will also have big windows for lots of light and air, an elevated instructor’s bike and a new sound system!

We also have done some work on a few of our basketball courts as well. If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you will have seen that we widened the court in Lumar Hall! For the first time Lumar finally has a corner 3 pointer. Lumar was already a great game venue and now it just got even better! We also will be redoing the court in the grove. The court will be getting the same glass backboards as the other courts we’ve recently done and will also be repainted Blue and Gold!

Here in the office we have been busy at work scheduling evening activities, guest entertainers, trips and special events! If you have any thoughts or ideas we would love to hear them. Email or with any suggestions!

This time of year we also work very hard putting together our staff. We have heard from many of our 2017 counselors who will be back again this summer! We are also getting ready to travel to the UK to hire some new counselors who will be great additions to The Nock!

On New Years Day I posted a montage video of the 2017 summer! You can watch it and lots of other videos right here on our website. Just go to the “Current Families and Campers” section and click the “Videos” page!

Hope everyone is having a great year and counting down the days til camp!

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We will be sure to post more updates and news throughout the year!

Thanks for reading!