Prospective Families

Can I tour the camp?

Yes, of course. We offer private family tours most days during the summer. We also have Try-It Days available for potential camper participation as well. We strongly recommend attending our Try-It Days. We have found children get a much better feel for the Nock-A-Mixon camper experience.

Can campers email or call home?

Campers can call home 2 times a summer. The calls are scheduled by the parents. Children will not have internet or email access during the summer. We have 3 letter writing days per week in which our campers must write letters home.

What about special dietary needs?

We can accommodate most dietary needs. Our campers with nut allergies, lactose intolerance and other special dietary concerns do very well at camp. Please contact the office to discuss your child’s specific needs.

Why should our family choose Nock-A-Mixon?

At Nock-A-Mixon, we work to provide a safe and fun environment for children to be happy, grow and make life-long friends. Accomplishing these goals has been the secret to our success since 1939. Our camp record speaks for itself. We take our 96% camper return rate as a reflection on the environment we create. This return rate allows us to re-invest into the facility and programs while keeping tuition the greatest value in camping.

How and when can our family tour the camp?

We think it is important for your family to get a taste of camp by visiting. We offer tours almost daily during the camp season, as well as Try It Day, which is an immersive experience where parents and children spend the afternoon with us.

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How many campers are in a cabin?

Although not all cabins are the same size, each cabin typically has between 10 to 14 campers and four counselors.

Can my child bunk with a friend?

Yes, we accept bunking requests for all first-time campers and do our very best to accommodate them. If there is any issue with a request, we will contact you.

What is your email and phone call policy?

Campers can call home two times during the summer. These phone calls are pre-arranged by the parents and are typically before or after breakfast, lunch or dinner. Parents also have the option to email their campers through a parent portal, but it is a one-way email system and campers will not be able to email back since they have no email access or internet capabilities. We have three required letter writing days per week where campers are required to write home.

What is your technology policy?

We want our campers to “unplug” for the summer. We do not permit cell phones, laptops, iPod Touches, Apple watches, iPads, Kindles or tablets of any kind. We do allow some MP3 players as we feel that music is an integral part of the camp culture. 

Can I send care packages during the summer?

Care packages become a competition among parents. In our experience they also clutter the cabin with unnecessary junk. Therefore we do not allow them at Nock-A-Mixon. Should your child need something (eyeglasses, shin guards, book, etc.) that package is easily cleared through the office.

What if my camper is homesick?

We have many years of experience dealing with homesick campers and they will get the attention they need to get through it. It is natural for most campers to experience a degree of homesickness, especially if it is their first time away from home. It is not uncommon for parents to receive a homesick letter, only to call us and learn that homesick feelings have passed and the camper is now having fun.

The first few hours of camp are planned and geared in great detail to help campers feel more comfortable on the first day. Campers arriving at camp will quickly engage in games and icebreakers to help them meet new friends and feel more connected with their cabin.

How old are the counselors and where do they come from?

One thing that makes Camp Nock-A-Mixon so special is that approximately 85% of our counselors are former campers. About 15% of our staff is from England, most of whom return for at least two years on staff. The counselors range from high school seniors to college seniors. 

How often is laundry done?

Laundry is done once a week using an outside company which picks up laundry directly from camp, washes it, and then returns it. Each camper receives a personalized bag with a printed label that has the camper’s name, which allows the bag to be tracked from pickup to delivery.

Is there a doctor or nurse in residence?

Yes. We have doctors that live on-site and rotate during the summer. We also have 7 nurses who live in the health center throughout the entire camp season.

What kinds of trips do you take?

We take a variety of different trips during the summer. Please see our Special Events & Trips section of our website.

What do campers do on rainy days?

Rain does not slow down the fun of camp. Few camps have as many indoor facilities as we have. These facilities allow us to keep our campers active during rainy days. There is covered gaga, aeroball, hockey, basketball, arts and crafts, dance, gymnastics, drama, dodgeball and spinning. We also use Lumar Hall, Canteen and our Amphitheater for sing-a-longs, game shows and bunk unity activities.

What is the tuition? Are there any other costs in addition to tuition?

Tuition depends on age as our older campers go on more extensive out of camp trips. Please see the Dates and Tuition section of our website. Our tuition rates include canteen, trips and four Nock-A-Mixon official shirts.