Special Events & Trips

Trips and Special Events

Special Events are a big part of our program. At least twice a week we break from our regular schedule for a variety of memorable summer experiences! Many of these have become loved traditions that campers look forward to all year long.

  • Apache Relay
  • Boys Unity Events
  • Girls Unity Events
  • Carnival
  • College Night
  • Color War
  • Dances
  • Fourth of July Fireworks & Elections
  • H20lypmics
  • Intercamp Games
  • Klondike Day
  • Lake Regatta
  • Messtivus
  • Olympics
  • Specialty Day
  • Water Day

Out-of-Camp Trips

Our trips are all age appropriate and change as the campers get older. This keeps the trips fresh each year and gives campers something to look forward to as they grow up in camp. Campers travel in small groups with counselor and are never left without staff supervision.

  • Arnold’s Fun Zone
  • Camel Beach Water Park
  • Canoeing
  • Dorney Park
  • Hershey Park
  • Jenkinson’s Beach, NJ
  • LaserTag
  • Movies
  • Annapolis, MD
  • Washington, DC