We Believe

At Camp Nock-A-Mixon, we believe in seeing everyone as individuals while also teaching community. We work to ensure each child has the chance to focus on that which they enjoy and encourage them to try new activities as well. Campers also learn to value other people’s talents and everyone gets a chance to shine. We do this by having core values and beliefs that we aim to uphold each and every day. 

We Believe In:

Our 7-Week Single Session

We operate a 7-week session only. This ensures continuity with no mid-summer camper disruption (i.e a best friend leaving early), which allows us to run “Learn to Swim” programs, athletic leagues and other activities in ways multi-session camps cannot. Most importantly though, during the 7 weeks, our campers and counselors build extremely strong bonds. We believe these bonds and friendships are what create our 96+% return rate.

Counselor Responsibility

A strong counselor staff is the backbone of any camp and we believe our counselors are top rate. The vast majority are former campers, roughly 75-80% each year. Our former campers return because of their love of our camp environment. They bring a passion for the summer that only those who have spent years at camp can have. Many of our counselors that were not campers return each year as well, giving us a returning staff rate of around 85%. This high return rate allows us to be very selective when hiring first time staff. Our counselors know they will receive several drug tests during the summer, which ensures that they are there for the right reason – your child.

Parent Partnership

At Camp Nock-A-Mixon, we adopt a “partners in parenting” methodology. Each summer, parents will be comforted to know that although they are not at camp, they are an integral part of their child’s camp experience. We want to ensure our families that we are committed to open and honest communication and that we know your child and are doing everything possible to achieve each camper’s happiness.

Developing Social Skills

Happiness is the true key to success in life, and the basis of happiness is knowing how to build lasting relationships. Now more than ever, developing interpersonal and social skills in our children is vital. Making and keeping friends by living with others in our camp community is at the core of what we do.

Self-Esteem & Confidence

We create a nurturing and emotionally safe environment at camp that is necessary to build self-esteem and confidence within your child. These characteristics are crucial in order to navigate the world and become strong, well-adjusted adults. We also instill this within our staff and being part of the camp community will allow your child to learn and grow.


Being at camp will allow your child to understand winning and losing, as well as how to face daily challenges. We will teach them to learn from their experiences and bounce back.

A Structured Teen Program

When choosing a camp, it’s important to consider how a Teen Program works. As our campers become teenagers, they have more elective time scheduled in their day. Even though it requires more organization on the camp’s end, we feel it is important teenagers have more input in their daily activities. Although they have more freedom in their schedule we make sure that our teen campers are supervised throughout the day. While many camps do not have opportunities for 16-17 year olds, requiring them to take a summer off, we offer a different program for that age. After all, as parents we don’t forget about our children once they reach that age. Why would a camp? That is why most of our counselors are former Camp Nock-A-Mixon campers. They return to pass on camp traditions and give back to “their” camp.