FAQ Category: Staff

What are counselors’ responsibilities?

As a counselor you will be in charge of campers’ well-being. That will include everything from making sure their teeth are brushed, watching safety issues, and having a good time with the campers. This is the only job where you are required to have fun to succeed.

Do I need any special skills in order to be hired?

You will not need any special skills, though we do have certain activity needs from our staff. Some hires will be based on those needs. Most importantly, you must be good with people and have a strong work ethic.

What are the campers like?

Campers are primarily from upper middle class families from the east coast and range in age from 7 to 16. Though they have a wide range of interests and each have their own personality, they all come to share in an enjoyable summer with their bunkmates and counselors.

What do I do if a camper is homesick?

You will receive training during orientation to help you. There are also division supervisors, boys’ and girls’ camp directors, as well as the owners who are always around camp to help you.

Do counselors live in cabins?

Yes. Supervision is extremely important, so we assign a minimum of 3 counselors to each cabin of approximately 8-15 campers. Most cabins will have 4 staff members.

What should I pack?

A suggested packing list will be sent to you once you have secured a position with Nock-A-Mixon. Camp will provide a staff shirt free of charge to you.

How will I do laundry?

Counselor laundry is done on camp property once a week. Your clothes will be washed in their own machine, and returned to your cabin.

How many days off will I get?

We offer 4 off days and 1 personal day during the 7-weeks of camp. Each off day consists of 30 hours lasting from 6pm until midnight the following night.

Will I have Internet and Phone access?

Yes. The counselors lounge has a staff only wifi connection. Counselors may use those computers and their cell phones during their off time. Cell phones at other times will be stored in a separate locked facility.